Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Fiora...

I absolutely adore Fiora. I got her double bundle the day she came out, and Headmistress for Halloween. Unfortunately, being an Ahri/Riven main, I have trouble finding the time to play her. Why, you ask? Everyone else brings much more to the table than she does. She has raw damage, and a really cool ultimate, but she's a melee glass cannon without proper escapes and the inability to fight well if she built tanky instead of carry items. (*cough* Irelia, Jax, Darius *cough*)

Several new items came out for melee ADCs, but none of them are really good enough to make the triage of ADCs viable without making Irelia, Jax, and other bruisers 10x more awesome. It's a major catch 22. The only way these champions will be more viable is if their kits are reworked to make them more bruiser-y. Mobility creep has completely taken over LoL, and it's frustrating when these bursty, mobile champions are also given a hard CC plus an additional soft CC or two.

Well, there are a few things we could fix with just a few tweaks to her kit.

1. Fix her ultimate:

Currently, her ultimate will end if you enter an unwarded bush or become stealthed. This greatly decreases her damage and leaves her vulnerable.

2. Buff her passive:

It doesn't scale into the late game at all. A few suggestions would be to:
  • Double its effectiveness every time she crits.
  • Add Tenacity when at full stacks
  • Reduce damage by a small amount (10%, maybe make it scale,) when at full stacks.
3. Give her a soft CC:

Maybe add a small slow to her second Lunge, or a successful Parry.
I think these small tweaks could really make her shine as a melee champion. Let's hope Riot will notice!


  1. Honestly I use her as a counterpick.

    I fence myself, so the moment she was announced, I got exited, got her double bundle the moment she hit live, only played her for a while, etc.

    And if you pick her against a bad lane, you get wrecked. But she performs well against Garen, Wukong, Nasus, and Volibear. I've had success against Tryndamere, Gangplank, Xin, and Trundle, and, although it's definitely one of her worst matchups, she can beat a Jax. I find building her more bruiser, and letting her free attack speed and AD help buffer her early game damage works best, going something like frozen mallet, atma's maw, merc's, and a bloodthirster, with a GA for the last item, lets you soak up damage for your team while dishing out plenty on your own- and, with a stacked BT, an ult right out of a GA will get you pretty close to fighting shape!

    1. That's almost my exact build with her as of current. I'd rush an early Phage, then move on to a Bloodthirster, Frozen mallet if I need the utility/health, Maw if I need MR, or GA if an ADC was fed.

      She's snowbally, and rather assassin - like in lane, which makes her so niche. It's frustrating from my standpoint though, because I always ask myself "Why play Fiora when I can play ____?"

      I just wish she brought a little more to the table. Utility is the key factor in this game now, and she got hit in the head by the power creep. :/

  2. i think she should be able to dash to allied minions like jax does

    1. You don't know how many times I've tried to. XD I keep forgetting she can't.